Postcard from Yesterday

Sent 1945 – Delivered 2013

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I was in contact with Leonard Nesgoda’s daughter today.  She has the original postcard.  The one I received was a copy.  This comes to a shock to me, because the postcard didn’t seem like a copy at all.

She made a copy for a relative and mailed it inside an envelope.  At the post office, the envelope was damaged and the empty envelope was returned to her.  Someone placed a stamp on this postcard and it was delivered to my home. 

After talking with her, we are still not sure of the exact connection between the Nesgoda and the Gorkowski family.   Growing up she always called the Gorkowski’s family, but it is unsure if they were related.

I plan on learning more about the history of these people and my house.


We received a postcard yesterday that was postmarked 1945. This page is to document our progress on finding out what happened.  Check out the blog link at the top for updates.



“Hi Folks,
So far I’ve survived 2 weeks of this boat training. Boy scout camping was more rigorous than this.  The navy may be alright but not for civilians. This confinement is bad.